Hartford Knights Youth Organization

Therapeutic and Behavioral Health Programs

We respond to the greatest behavioral health challenges.

Therapeutic Support Staff

Is a service designed to address the individualized needs of a child or youth with complex behavioral health needs. These children or youth have a current diagnosable behavioral health condition that results in moderate to acute functional impairment which substantially interferes with, or limits the child’s or youth’s role or functioning in family, school, or community activities. This service is intended for children or youth whose level of functioning puts them at risk of entering a residential level of care, disrupting their home or foster placement, or for children or youth who are being discharged from residential treatment or a more acute level of care.

Temporary Care Services

Provides a short-term break or intervention, separating the child/youth from caregivers for a few hours, or other relatively short periods of time in order to assist family members with the practicalities of living and attending to the needs of all family members.